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SplitBrick Roadmap

Phase 1
  • User onboarding and KYC workflow.

  • Add social component with user profiles and competitive rankings.

Phase 2
Phase 3
  • Community members discover and propose investments.

  • Managers compete to take part in new deals.

  • Property onboarding algorithm: A novel method to efficiently value properties among many individuals.

  • Bids are placed competitively

Phase 4
Open Launch V.1
  • Property search engine.

  • Integrate with payment rails.

  • Finalize property business structures.

  • Streamline manager-investor workflows.

  • Introduce governance control for properties.

  • App gets a beauty makeover.

  • Reserved spots trial run the SplitBrick Platform.

  • Launch with bidding, onboarded property governance, and rent collection & distribution.

V.2 Upgrades
  • Implement trading of Bricks and incentivize real estate liquidity market makers.

  • Incorporate user feedback for maximum satisfaction.

  • Round 2 of revolutionizing real estate investing.

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