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Our Mission

SplitBrick aims to be a hub for investors to pool their capital, time, and skills to purchase, own, and manage real estate investments. SplitBrick is a paradigm shift in how we invest in real estate. We believe:

Legal ownership and control over property should never be sacrificed.

Investors should be able to pick and choose what properties they want to invest in and develop their own unique portfolio.

Real estate investing and passive income should be accessible to everyone.

High fees and other barriers to entry are relics of the past.

How we are doing it...

SplitBrick is a real estate empire that is chosen by the people, owned by the people, and managed by the people. Real estate investing has seen a lot of innovation, but we are still unsatisfied with the status quo. We want real estate and passive income to be more accessible to all investors no matter their wallet size, their social connections, or their location on earth. We want real estate to be liquid. We want to cut out the middlemen. We want diversification without sacrificing control.

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