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Invest in real
estate with as little as $1.

Empower yourself to control your financial future. With SplitBrick, you can own and control real estate investments starting with as little as $1.


Grow One Brick at a Time.

Start small, grow big. SplitBrick is the ideal investment platform for all types of investors, regardless of where you begin. Already a property owner? Centralize taxes, visualization, and management seamlessly with SplitBrick.


You are in control.

SplitBrick is a real estate empire chosen, owned, and fully controlled by YOU.


How it works

Users propose and vote on which properties move on to the Initial SplitBrick Offering (ISO), our bidding stage.

If enough funds are raised, an LLC is formed to purchase the property. Investors own Bricks (shares) proportionate to their investment.

Choose your property manager and let SplitBrick handle administrative tasks such as accounting, taxes, and LLC management.

You and fellow investors retain control. LLC structures ensure key decisions are made by true owners, not SplitBrick.

Diversify your portfolio effortlessly and watch your investments work for you.

Discover the SplitBrick Difference.

Experience true financial control. Unlike REITs, you curate your portfolio. Diversify without compromise, a privilege private ownership seldom allows. In contrast to crowdfunding platforms, be a real owner, with decisions in your hands and transparency at every step. Welcome to a new era of investment with SplitBrick.

Investing is easy with SplitBrick.

Investing made effortless. With SplitBrick, leave the administrative hassle to us. We handle tax preparation, communication with managers, tax payments, LLC management, and other bureaucratic tasks, so you can focus on what truly matters: your career, your passions, and strategic property investment decisions.

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